Knock on Wood

It’s official; I am back.  This past week I was away at a retreat for the Clergy of my denomination and I had little to no control over the kinds of food I ate, I still managed to lose 2.5lbs .  This is amazing because the amount of free time we had would normally see me trying to fill that all with food (nothing else to do right).  I stuck to my meals though and I was fine.

Those 4 rules that I follow were a little bit harder to do there, though I did manage to get to bed earlier.  

I have yet to get back on my treadmill for a “run”.  I have had a weird lump in my foot and it doesn’t hurt most of the time, but if I exercise or stand on my feet too much it does.  I’ll need to get that checked out before I do anything to strenuous with my feet.  

In other news, I have decided to eat vegan once a week.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


4 Tools I Use To Help Keep Me Working Toward my Goal

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Weight Watchers here I come

I re-enrolled at weight watchers online.  I don’t know why, there are a million other options out there for someone like me, but weight watchers seems to be the thing that works.  I enrolled again on Monday, and just maintained over the week.

Friday’s are usually the day I go into town to do banking, and I usually pick up some groceries while I am there.  The trouble is that I never make a list and so I buy all of what I want, and nothing of what I need….today will be a different story though because I made a menu plan for the next 2 weeks and have a list ready to go to the store with me.  

If I can stick the menu plan over the next couple of weeks I should be able to get back on track and lose some of the 10lbs I have gained since August.  (Why is it that weight comes off so much harder than it comes on).  

The exercise portion of my plan leaves something to be desired at this point, but I will probably be back to it after a few days of eating properly…after all who wants to exercise when you feel like the good year blimp?

One of the things that I have realized over the last few months as I have tried different things, is that I am trying what works for everyone else.  So and So lost how many pounds on what diet??? I need to try that!!  I don’t though, because everyone’s bodies are different and they respond differently at different times to different plans, and so my main goal needs to be finding and sticking to what works for me…and this seems to be it. 

And There Goes That Idea….

I woke up on Monday morning and never wanted to quit a diet so much in my entire life, I’ve been eating Dolvett’s plan for about a week and a half now and Sunday was cheat day.  Again I did not cheat in over abundance, I had a piece of pie with lunch and a pop.   Yet when Monday morning came and it was time to get back into the “clean” eating, I wanted nothing to do with the plan.  I stood in the kitchen for literally 30 minutes that morning weighing my options

Perhaps my fridge should look like this! (Pic taken from wikemedia commons)

Eating clean is so restrictive, I hate having to think about making breakfast as soon as I get up, I can’t go eat anywhere else on clean days.  I wondered why don’t I just count my calories wouldn’t that be easier, I could then work in the things I want to on a daily basis and would not be waking up resenting the process.  However, I decided to keep going for now and….Tuesday was much the same and I have to admit that by Wednesday I was done.

Is there not a diet out there where I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want?

I’ve decided after 2 weeks, that Dolvett’s (as much as I love him) plan is too restricted for me.  I think it will be easier if I just try to balance on my own.  I like sauce on my chicken, I like salt over Mrs. Dash, I like soda once in a while.  If I count my calories I can have all these things in moderation.

So that’s it, no Dolvett for me.  Even though my dream was to lose the  45 lbs I need to lose and send my success picture to him….in which he be amazed come to meet me, and we would fall deeply in love and marry and live happily ever after!

OK back to reality, I am going to try to just count calories with, keep watching on Fridays to see how this one goes!

1 Down 2 to go

After a week on Dolvett’s 3-1-2-1 diet plan I have lost about 5 pounds.  That’s half way to the 10 he says you can lose in the first 21 days of his plan.

The upside:

For the most part I have been able to follow fairly closely the meal plans offered in the book, and they are good.  I have made some substitutions though, because it calls for smoothies and my blender broke.  (yet thanks to a good friend who gave me theirs because they don’t use it I am back in business).

I am satisfied with the results, especially since the 5 pounds lost comes with the fact that I have not even attempted a little bit the recommended exercise regimen that Dolvett outlines in his book.

The Downside:

I could be misunderstanding the plan, but for me this eating clean feels a bit restricted obviously, even though you have 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  During the day I am fine, but after supper I tend to begin to feel pretty hungry and as far as I understand I am only supposed to eat my 3 meals and 2 snacks.  Dolvett does allow for eating as much of his starred vegetables as you want, but who wants an evening snack of Kale of Broccoli?  I would rather have an apple or cheese or and orange or something like that…but as far as I can tell the plan doesn’t allow for it.  Where as when I was on Weight Watchers I could eat whatever I wanted I just had to count in the points.  With Dolvett’s plan, by the time you are done your 3 meals and 2 snacks you’ve used up your daily calories.

Can you hear me whining?

Actually it’s not all that bad though, I do find that cheat days seem to throw me off more than help me though.  I have not gone all out on a cheat day yet, just included things like red meat and a cookie or two, but by no means am I gorging.  After all, that would be pointless.  The day after a cheat day is very hard though because I find myself craving more, especially after supper again.

I still have 2 weeks though to try to find balance and decide whether or not this is a lifestyle that I want to keep!  But all in all, so far so good.